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Title: Falling Stars

Rating: PG, Angst

Summary: The war's finished, the good guys won, and it's time to live. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were true?


from Falling Stars, Part 7


“No, oh no. Harry, wake up. Wake up, Hare.

Can you hear me? Come on Hare wake up!”

 After almost throwing his wand back and forth across his friend’s body

as he murmured the diagnostic spell, Longbottom hesitated before

pulling the wand back to read the energy patterns

 now scrolling across its surface, then steeled himself, read it,

 and muttered a long virulent stream of biting profanities.


Falling Stars, Part 8

 After closing the door on the two sleeping men, Severus gestured for his wife to follow him back downstairs. They paused to check on their daughter in the room beside, but she was still firmly sleeping with a sticking charm to hold her their when she woke.

 When they reached the sitting room again, Juliette numbly poured each of them a tea and joined him at the table.

“Severus, I don’t understand. What is…”

“Kanner’s Core-Burn Syndrome?” Severus asked with a small amount of shock.

Juliette had been a NEWT student the first year that he taught: one of the most talented and least intimidated students that he taught in fact. Unlike many of the student’s in that early class, who complained regularly about the unwieldy amount of work that he gave them out of his early nervousness to prove himself capable of teaching the course – Juliette never complained and often went well beyond the scope of the assignment to the point that when the NEWTS finally arrived, she ended up complaining that they had seemed “closer to a third year pop quiz than a test to ascertain one’s professional acumen.” She should have gone on for her potions mastery.

Severus paused almost wincing as he remembered yet another way that he had failed his wife: had she been with him during the war, he would have encouraged her to step out of the suffocating model of  docile, pureblood, society wife that had been forced on the  pureblood women of his and earlier generations. He would have seen to it that she had sufficient finances to pay the tuition of a potions and/or whatever other mastery or masteries she had chosen as well as the time and space to pursue them, but sending her into the care of his rabidly traditionalist cousin had been a mistake on many fronts - only one of which was denying her the right to pursue an occupation suited to her fabulous intellect and talents.



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A month away from email: Free

The time it will take to read through the 2,375 personal messages I received during the month away: rough guess 20+ hours.

My gratitude that Gmails has automated spam filters and message rules: Timeless.

Hadn't really thought about that or the fact that I would be some 18 updates back on at least one story. 7 or 8 on some others. They're HP for the moment, as I still haven't had much Clex inspiration lately, but have kept writing at some of the ones I hope to update soon. Aside from that, it looks like I'm going to be a bit of a busy girl. Thank Heavens. I cannot even describe how bored I got.

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It sounded simple enough. I went and spoke with someone about how I was feeling last post. Her thoughts: I'm addicted to the net - that it was causing my stress, and that I should try a small experiment: cut out all net activity for a month. Emails. Fics. etc. Everything went on hold.

Well, I thought why not. Nothing else seemed to be improving it. I made sure my work knew my phone and dropped a note to the staff secretary that my email would not be available for awhile. (Not explaining anything else there as you might imagine). Left my hp updates with my co-worker/beta. And simply stopped signing on.

I did things I haven't done in years: went to Starbucks and read; went to the beach, which is only blocks away; ate breakfasts of wine and cheese; changed my sleeping schedule; and discovered that not a bit of it made any difference. I wasn't any more or less anxious for the lack of the net only absolutely, totally, completely, BORED OUT OF MY FRICKIN MIND.

Went back to her: "Oh, I'm sure that it must make some difference. Why not try it another month?"

My thoughts: Why not find something that makes any sort of NOTICEABLE difference and try that for a month. If the net was really the issue, I'd think it might have had some effect at least by week 2. But, nothing. No improvements. No tough spots (i.e. no cravings and teary moments). Nada.

So, while I'm not certain what the next step will be, I guess I am back.
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I don't really know what's been going on with me lately or why. Things just haven't been right, felt right, or made sense for months. Outside of a few dribs and drabs of HP, I haven't been able to write much of anything (including my lesson plans and lectures - so I've been practically lecturing straight from the book: something I hate doing).

I'd like to thank everyone who's tried to keep in touch with me. It is deeply appreciated. I do want to get back into the swing of things, but just haven't had anything that I felt was worth saying and a note of well "Hi, I guess I'm still alive sort of" seemed like it wasn't enough content to even spend the time typing. But, Hi, I guess, I'm still alive - sort of. Not that it really feels like it most of the time.

What frustrates me the most is that as hard as I've tried to figure out why, I can't. For the most part things are no better or worse than they usually are. Except for the fact that getting out of bed half the time just doesn't feel worth it, and I can't seem to enjoy the classes I'm teaching which are actually going better than last semester, and the necessity to make pleasant chit chat at work is infuriating me.

Anyway. I just wanted to - what? ... Whine a hello... is the closest description I can think of to this post. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new year.
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Title: Falling Stars
Rating: PG, Angst
Summary: The war's finished, the good guys won, and it's time to live. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were true?

Falling Stars, Part 7

After a second, bizarre but remarkable, display of young man’s healing abilities Juliette watched as her husband and daughter slipped into unconsciousness. The young man that her husband had been referring to as Longbottom stepped forward ran his wand over their throats, temples, hearts, and lower abdomens. Within moments, his tight concerned expression softened and he looked up at her comfortably.

“It looks like they will recover just fine. What do you think, Hare?”

“Yeah, I cleared it all. She had a lot more than he did, but I didn’t let go until I was sure the poison was out of both of their systems. As long as it didn’t cause any other damage, it should be okay.” Mr. Potter turned reassuringly to her and swayed as he nodded.

“Harry!” The young… healer, judging by his familiarity with healing spells and techniques jumped forward and caught his friend.

“Don’t quite feel quite right, Nev.” Read more...Collapse )
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Title: Falling Stars
Rating: PG, Angst
Summary: The war's finished, the good guys won, and it's time to live. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were true?

Falling Stars, Part 6

“Celeste!!!” Juliette screamed startling the room as she jumped toward her daughter, grabbed the girl, and shook her fiercely.

“What have you done? Oh, what have you done? What. Did. You. Think. You. Were. Doing.” Each word punctuated a shake. Each shake punctuated her horrified sobs until her daughter finally answered with childlike simplicity.

“I killed off the Snapes, Mom. That’s all. At the manor and here. No more Snapes anywhere. Poof. They’re gone.” Something in her slurred voice sounded off to Severus as he bent over the table gasping at the pain in his stomach.

“Juliette,” he gasped realizing what the child must have done. “Help me.” Read more...Collapse )
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Title: Cursed, Part 4
Fandom: Stargate 1
Warnings: R for violence and disturbing content. AU. H/C Implied child molestation (of Daniel) but no graphic depictions events that occured well prior to the adult Jack/Daniel relationship. This update is a wee bit od for me, and I'm not really certain where it came from, but...

Summary: Daniel and Jack meet earlier than expected- over and over; but, no matter how much Jack tries help him heal, Daniel seems cursed and cares about Jack too much to let him share the curse.

Cursed, Part 4

"Hi Major," Mrs. Cable, Daniel's latest foster mother greeted Jack through the screen door as she passed.

"Come in."

"Thanks, Jan." Jack nodded as he opened the door. He'd given up trying to get her to call him 'Jack', when he began to agree with Daniel that the Cables were likely to be another temporary foster placement. Read more...Collapse )
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If you feel like you're not quite certain what's going on, up to this point: congratulations – you're right where you're supposed to be, no one in the story really has tied things together yet. But, here's where things should start to make sense.

Due to it's size, I've had to cut it into two parts.

Title: Clear Conscience
In series: Part 11
Rating: PG 13, AU after OOTP, H/C
Summary: The Dursley's abused Harry, Voldemort tortured him, but Dumbledore destroyed him, and Severus Snape wants to save him?

Part 11

Alastor, quite expectedly, demanded to go through the floo first, which Albus only reluctantly agreed because he wanted to determine absolutely whether Severus could be alive.

"Elspeth, is there even the slimmest possibility that Severus survived?"

The master healer's lips thinned as she studied his hopeful expression.

"Hoping for yet another last minute reprieve?" Elspeth's voice was as caustic for its lack of emotion as her slap had been for the reverse. Read more...Collapse )
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Title: Clear Conscience
In series: Part 12
Rating: PG 13, AU after OOTP, H/C
Summary: The Dursley's abused Harry, Voldemort tortured him, but it was Dumbledore who destroyed him, and Severus Snape who saves him?

Part 12

Fisting Harry's robes, Christopher shook him violently. The prat was faking it out of spite and just letting his father die because Severus hadn't simpered and fawned like the rest.

"Harry Fucking Potter, I know you're faking it. I heard Madam Pomfrey. She said that she'd healed you. There's no fucking excuse for you to just lay there and let Severus die. So, you can just drop the farce and answer me.

Damn it. You can't just let him die. Don't let him die. No matter how much you hate him. You can't … you just can't let him die. Please Harry. He's my father. Don't let him die." Christopher was bitterly aware that he had slipped into begging, but for Severus he would have been willing to sacrifice his pride even if he had never learned that the man was his father.

"Stop. Being. Such. An. Arrogant. Prick. And. Help. Him." Christopher punctuated each word with a stiff shake that had Harry's head flipping back and forth like a crucio'd house elf.

"You. Petty. Prat. You're. Supposed. To. Be. A. Bloody. Fucking. Gryffin…" Christopher choked as the last shake forced him to meet Harry's eyes and find emptiness instead of the malice and smugness that he'd expected to find there.

"…dor." He finished quietly as he laid Harry back as gently as he could. Read more...Collapse )
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Title: Falling Stars
Rating: PG, Angst
Summary: The war's finished, the good guys won, and it's time to live. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were true?

Falling Stars, Part 5

“And you say that he was willing to do that?” Juliette stared at Severus with a look that was equal parts irritation, mystification, and sadness.

“He was willing to simply throw his life away on a single interpretation of a prophesy? How dim is this child?”

Chuckling at her mildly irreverent wit and amused that she’d make a comment like that about the cherished boy-who-lived, Severus stared at his diminutive wife, feeling somehow relieved that she had not falsely improved her appearance in the intervening years. The early gray that dimmed her once ebony hair felt familiar to him as though he had been with her to watch each hair turn. It mattered not that crows feet and age spots finely decorated the skin beneath her eyes; he still found her handsome. The sharpness in her eyes had not faded a twinkle, though it did have a taint of worry and sadness. The creases in her forehead, too, were new and spoke of worries and stresses that he would ask her to share if she could come to terms with how their life would have to be if she joined him in his new duty.

A life on the run Read more...Collapse )
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